Cymon Taylor provides popular, artistic and inspirational photography courses and training, from beginner to pro.  The emotion of teaching photographers mixed with superb student realisation is stimulating and infinitely inspirational.

Photographers all have a variety of ambitions and inclination of what we want to capture with our cameras, therefore MPW has crafted unique photography courses, structured to help creative enthusiasts attain their entire photography potential.

If you're taking your first steps with any camera or an advanced enthusiast who wants a solid platform to help you master your photography – we have the course that will coincide with and help all your photographic needs.

Your courses are amply served, but not limited, to stunning locations, events and photo opportunities in the 22 municipalities of Val di Chiana (Valdichiana). A scenic and fertile valley nestled in an area stretching from Arezzo to Siena in south-east Tuscany, where MPW is based, and through parts of Umbria.

A few of the more well-known towns in this area include Cortona, Montepulciano, Cetona, Chianciano Terme, Chiusi, Castiglione del Lago and Trequanda. Where your bespoke individual or small group training allows complete freedom of choice, whilst considering, where and when it happens, how far it goes, what it covers and how it's paced.

We focus on facilitating all your personal requests. We happily travel to other locations in Tuscany and locations of special interest in nearby regions, continuing our excellent service for those who want photography vacations in diverse provinces or anybody on holiday in Tuscany.

All of our photography courses get you out of the classroom.  Integrating with nature and exploring Tuscany’s plethora of inspirational locations.

Complete the whole series and take your photographic knowledge and ability to the next level.  MPW offers concessions to those students who advance by completing each level of our structured courses or make recommendations which lead to others studying with MPW.


MPW has designed a four-level series where beginners comfortably enter and take their first steps whilst the more adventurous and advanced return focusing on specific photography skills and techniques.

All four courses emphasise the need to build confidence and solid foundations whilst gaining a clear understanding of the all-important photography fundamentals and light.  The best way to achieve this begins by putting your camera in manual mode and shooting RAW files.

Once fully completed these photography courses in Tuscany, will help you take the struggle out of finding great shots.  Spotting golden opportunities will become second nature, the approach will be ordered and you’ll easily create images that get noticed.  This training makes you to think like a photographer as you unleash, enjoy and improve your creativity.



This level is aimed at those who are taking their first steps into photography and others who want to revisit certain topics or refresh all the important essentials.  This course explains the basic science and nature of photography combined with numerous hands-on practical exercises where you will learn how to control and combine different camera functions creatively.

On this course, you will have an introduction to:

  • History of Photography.

  • Complete Camera Overview.

  • Camera functions & settings.

  • Manual mode.

  • ISO & Resolution.

  • Lenses, Aperture, DOF.

  • Metering.

  • Timing & movement.

  • Colour theory.

  • The Golden Hour.

  • Composition Basics.

  • Essential DSLR kit.

  • Troubleshoot your camera.

  • Purchase recommendations.

  • Light.

  • Image processing.


This level is aimed at those wishing to study Landscape and Travel photography in Tuscany, whilst gaining an in-depth understanding of these popular topics.  In effect real-world photographic situations, applying all newly acquired skills gleaned from our level 1 course.

On this course you will study elements of Landscape and Travel photography in detail with additional time dedicated to hands-on practical individual tuition and guidance:

  • Planning & pre-production.

  • Equipment Choice.

  • Photographic Styles.

  • Opportunity.

  • Long Exposures.

  • Composition Concepts.

  • Landscape.

  • Dawn.

  • Lighting Natural & Flash.

  • Filters - Neutral Density.

  • Filters - Polarising.

  • Architecture.

  • Dusk.

  • Cityscape.

  • Editing & Post Production.

  • Critique.


This level is aimed at those photographers wishing to learn and practice techniques and processes that professionals trust on a daily basis for all their client’s work.  A concentration of real-world photographic sessions, applying all newly acquired skills gleaned from our level 1 & 2 courses.

On this course, you will study elements of advanced digital photography where you take the first look into the professional working environment. A large percentage of time is dedicated to hands-on practical tuition and individual guidance:

  • Photographic Styles.

  • Composition.

  • Subject placement.

  • Sharpness.

  • Elements of Design.

  • Flash Speedlight.

  • OCF.

  • Portrait Daylight & Flash.

  • One light set ups.

  • Capturing Action.

  • Macro.

  • Equipment Essentials.

  • Remote Capture.

  • Nightscapes & Light Trails.

  • Photographic Characteristics.

  • Imaging Software.


The final level of this series assists photographers to complete a well-rounded understanding of the various techniques and processes that professionals use on a daily basis.  Another concentration of real-world photographic situations, applying all newly acquired skills gleaned from our level 1, 2 & 3 courses.

On this course, you will study elements of advanced digital photography where you continue investigating the remaining subjects from the professional working environment. A large percentage of time is dedicated to hands-on practical tuition and individual guidance:

  • Workflow 'From Capture to Final Print'.

  • Planning & pre-production.

  • HDR Photography.

  • Lighting & Modifiers.

  • Portraits Daylight & Flash two light setups.

  • HDR Merging.

  • Street photography.

  • Hyperfocal distance.

  • Landscape & Flash.

  • Panoramic Images.

  • Shooting at Midday.

  • Equipment Accessories.

  • Creating opportunities everyday shooting.

  • Twilight & Night Photography.

  • Fashion & Beauty.

  • Advanced Editing, Post-Production & Software.


If you need help to grow your photography business or position yourself in the market as a professional, these Photography Courses in Tuscany will provide specific training for those ready to take the next step.

Would you benefit from an organised approach or increased confidence and composure when shooting for clients? Wish to command higher fees for your valuable skills? MPW courses will save years of frustration and plenty of money with photography lessons specifically designed for professionals. Over the past thirty, years Cymon has gained vast experience and a detailed understanding of the daily pressures facing professionals and shares that knowledge with his students through the MPW Pro Photography Masterclass.

Revealing these photography secrets means your clients will benefit from incredible results, whilst working under pressure, that come in on budget. The high level of knowledge gained by this training enables you to position yourself above your competition whether shooting portrait photography, advertising photography, landscape photography, retouching your images and running a photography business.


This course covers various routes into professional photography. Aimed at aspiring pro's and keen photographers who wish to make money from their valuable skills and understand how to run a successful business by balancing photographic ability and necessary business skills.

Implementation of the correct key business skills dramatically increases your chance of success. Whether it’s portrait, street or commercial photography the knowledge we teach ensures you’ll meet your client’s expectations and win work in the future. This course will provide you with everything you need to understand and master these central skills.

  • How to Price your work.

  • Usage & Fees.

  • Pricing Structure.

  • Commercial project workflow.

  • Lucrative areas of photography.

  • Associations & business organisations.

  • Business Documentation.

  • Business growth.

  • Commercial photography - Genres.

  • Working to a brief.

  • Art directors.

  • Managing client’s expectations.

  • Set building & props.

  • Marketing.

  • Photographers role.

  • Problem solving.

  • Studio & services rental.

  • Equipment.

  • Agents.

  • Most important business questions.

  • Essential business skills.

  • Brand.

  • Website.

  • Portfolio & marketing.

  • Social Media.

  • Stock images.

  • Databases.


This post-production course is aimed at photographers and keen enthusiasts wanting to improve their retouching skills to a professional level. MPW offers an in-depth look at the most useful Photoshop CC 2018 editing techniques used daily, on nearly every published image.

To achieve a complete understanding of other available optional imaging software, we offer insights to various other professional software such as Adobe Camera Raw CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Bridge CC, Capture One Pro Ten, Camera Bits Photo Mechanic Version 6 and ON1 Photo Raw.

In today’s market, Actions, Plug-ins and Panels have become an essential element the most efficient non-destructive workflows, we will cover a variety of suitable choices.

  • Non-Destructive Workflow.

  • Reasons why we retouch.

  • Process & planning.

  • Image flow & narrative.

  • Guide the viewers eye.

  • Clients requirements.

  • Tone.

  • Contrast & Colour.

  • Effects.

  • HSL.

  • Layers.

  • Visual aid layers.

  • Skin & Hair retouching.

  • Selections & Masking.

  • Luminosity Masks.

  • B&W Conversion.

  • Fashion & Beauty.

  • Imaging software options.

  • Actions, Plug-ins & Panels.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud options.

  • Advanced Editing.


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