Tuscany photography tours are fun-packed personalised adventures for all level photographers who wish to join Cymon and mirror a professional approach whilst exploring the full potential of one or more of Tuscany's ten provinces.

Provinces crammed with differing landscapes, seascapes, architecture, history, culture and friendly Toscani proud to share with you a very personal and authentic side of their beloved Toscana.

These provinces are destinations where you can have everything, the variety of photo subjects provides a comprehensive and colourful choice when focusing on the areas of photography you wish to improve.

We will be out seeking the finest light Italy can offer during regular dawn and dusk patrols and making images, location finding, exploring urban and rural settings all together with a healthy amount of guidance and photographic camaraderie.

Guests will receive the same amount of input and instruction from Cymon as on our photography workshop, whilst once again benefiting from very small groups or individual tutoring.

These Photography Tours have the benefit of 'meeting you where you are' - whether beginner, keen amateur or seasoned professional. We are happy to share our knowledge and help you improve general and more specific techniques.



Photo tours are designed to develop your artistic potential and in turn improve your understanding of the creative process, workflow, light and image-making skills. A solid platform for everyone interested in photography, to bolster and broaden your technical knowledge, acquire new skill sets whilst stimulating your creative thinking process and move closer to perfect captures.

Instructors are full-time photographers capable of explaining the operation of your equipment, useful in-camera and post-production techniques and correct exposure methods. In addition, you will be guided on how to, approach an environment, survey the landscape and photograph indigenous people in any of Tuscany's ten provinces.


The intent of our photo tours in Tuscany is to encourage and support your personal way of working by exploring and investigating photography. Constructing new ways to benefit from easier self-expression gained whilst using advanced visual concepts and technical skills.

Acquiring a complete understanding of light, the camera, focus, depth of field integrated with equipment choices and all the aesthetic elements of image creating will help you attain these new horizons.


MPW believe that photography is best taught individually or in very small groups.  A maximum of 4 participants on your Tuscany photography tours means a lot of individual attention, whilst mirroring your Tour Leader.  It is a hands-on mentoring approach, both in the ‘classroom' and out on location.  We’ll be out in nature for as much time as possible, making captures based on professional workflows that follow your own itinerary.
A ‘typical day' based on your requested locations and chosen photography topic, subject or genre follows a pre-production meeting (usually the day before).  In the early morning, we set off for a given location,  setting up and making dawn captures, hearty discussion over breakfast ensues.  Location scouting or exploring and making Tuscan life images are some of the many options which will take us, up to or after lunch. Recharged and ready we set off to make dusk captures in our final location. The possibilities are endless, meaning you won't have a typical day with MPW.  We aim to make our days together unique whilst following a flexible schedule tailored to your needs.


Your tour leader is a full-time professional with many years of experience in a wide variety of photography subjects and Tuscany.  His style is engaging and relaxed yet exceptionally informative.  You will be discovering tips, insights and many secrets of the trade, MPW aims to strike the right balance of technical mastery and creative flair, whatever your experience or skill level, we’ll be helping you to develop in both areas.  We are focused on whatever it takes for you to consistently improve your image making skills in the pursuit of mastery.


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