Florence or Siena area two ideal Tuscan cities to explore the art and the techniques of street photography.

Join us to build your confidence as a photographer, develop your powers of observation and enhance your understanding, of this genres, composition and lighting principles.

MPW believes that street photography is best taught in very small groups, having a maximum of 4 participants guarantees a lot of individual attention and hands-on tuition from your workshop leader.

Aiming to find the correct balance between artistic flair and technical know-how, whatever your level of experience, we'll be developing your skills in both of these areas.

A small element of the workshop is theory-based but the majority of our time together is going to be spent shooting on the streets, learning by experience.

Whilst ensuring your workshop is fun, informative and relaxed, they are sometimes provocative, usually challenging and always highly enjoyable. Stretching your creative mind, developing your skills and boosting your confidence.

We are going to concentrating on getting the picture, focusing on what to consider to create great images, you'll rapidly conquer your fear of shooting on the streets whilst understanding what makes a good capture.

As we develop your street photographer eye you'll be learning how to see photo opportunities in bustling everyday Italian street scenes.

Thinking in terms of themes and projects aiding creative stimulation and the production of a strong body of work. Understanding various approaches, subject and styles of street photography.

Training you to become invisible and reap the benefits of capturing these splendid Tuscan environments quietly and unobtrusively.

As importantly you will learn how to set up your camera, enabling you to shoot quickly and with accuracy in differing situations.

Importance is placed on photographing safely in difficult situations or districts as you learn to interact effectively with the public, police or other officials.

You will rapidly get to know your rights and gain a better understanding of some key legal aspects of street photography, meaning you're able to react positively if people are challenging or offend.

Providing hands-on tuition and mentoring, your days are built around discussion, tuition and naturally a plethora of great shooting opportunities.

These workshops are suitable for photographers of most levels of skill and experience, from relative beginners to professionals from other photographic fields.

Participants should be in good health and be able to spend parts of the day walking with their equipment.

The majority of students bring digital cameras (mirrorless, compact or DSLR) whilst others prefer film, the choice of lens is more critical.

The ideal length, of course, is 35mm (full-frame equivalent) which means we recommend a zoom or a prime lens within the 24mm to 50mm range as being a fine choice.

You will not require a tripod or flash (unless private 1-2-1 tuition) assisting with lighter travel.

Make sure you bring spare batteries, plenty of memory cards and comfortable shoes, as well be covering between 5-8km daily.

We also advise bringing a bottle of water, some money for refreshments and clothing for appropriate weather conditions.

With inspiration and beauty abound and something intriguing around every corner and down every viale, you risk wanting to stay forever.

These locations are truly spectacular at any hour, maximising the opportunities to photograph from the earliest mornings and into the evenings.

Helping you create a cohesive series of photographs that represent your photographic vision in these magnificent locations.

At the end of the day, you'll be developing a distinctive personal style for your photography and refining your post-production and workflow techniques.

MPW Workshops, Tours and Courses take place throughout the year in Tuscany.

If you would be kind enough to provide your preferred dates, subjects and locations we create itineraries that focus on entirely suiting your ability and needs.

Let us know and leave it to us to organise your fun challenging, informative and inspiring photography holiday adventures.

  • Jan - November 2020
  • Group Size 1 - 4


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