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Welcome you to the 2018 launch of My Photography Workshop blog.  A fun-filled informative and educational blog dedicated to everything related to photography, with a focus on Tuscany, Italy.

Last October Photographing Florence by night was my first and only blog as a result of scarce planning and lack of content.  A remedy has been found!

Last night I finished the free Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog Course, created by ProBlogger’s, founder Darren Rowse, you must check out what his impressive site offers here.

By the end of today, I have to publish at least one post, three being the ideal, and have seven other complete articles waiting in the wind.  I had been working on an article covering the oldest horse race in the world, the Palio di Siena.

An article that will cover a personal association with this world-famous event.  Including the detailed preparation, planning and experiences mentoring our students throughout this week-long Tuscany photography workshop.

That particular article might be quite lengthy, perhaps more than one post, and until I have finished writing and laying out the appropriate images am sure today’s deadline would sail by.  With that in mind, it’s a good opportunity to make an introductory blog post.


Photographer, Educator & Facilitator in Tuscany

Hi, my Name is Cymon Taylor, founder of My Photography Workshop.

I am an advertising, editorial and sports photographer and educator, specialising in automotive, people and location photography, now based in London and Tuscany.

During a thirty-year career, photography projects have included shooting campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including the World Cup for MasterCard, Pepsi “Lineup” with BBDO Italia, Speedo, Honda, and Toyota.

Thankfully, a career that has spanned two photographic revolutions, autofocus and digital, many would say ‘Old School’ but I prefer to think of it more as ‘still at school’.

Digital photography has brought so much to the table.  Resulting in fascinating chapters being added to the photographic learning process whilst providing more material for inspiration.

As a rule, I openly embrace any useful idea, technique, update or equipment that allows more time for composition and consideration leading to predictable results in differing situations.  Digital photography is known for being immediate, but does it have to be that way?

I invite you to write a list after asking yourself this very question, ‘What is all the rush about?”.  We crawl, walk and then run and whilst life is generally referred to as 'hectic',

Alpi Apuane MPW Photo Workshop in Lucca Tuscany
Alpi Apuane MPW Photo Workshop in Lucca Tuscany

I have never known one person who runs around all day long.  I would really love to see if you come up with some really good comments by leaving your ideas or opinions in the comment section below.

On rules, laws and regulations we take and teach them as they are intended to be, continually practised allowing well-considered comments, opinions and views to be expressed, based on personal experience.

One of the blog goals is to be seen and regularly accessed as a place where constructive and positive photographic camaraderie prevails over any controversy and all forms of help or advice can be easily found without prejudice.

During my time at the 2012 London Olympics two thing happened.  A Phase One camera, IQ180 digital back and series of lenses were made available, after submitting a request, backed up by a detailed project synopsis for the games.

The camera system gave up the ghost a day or so before the opening ceremony, not leaving enough time to affect any repairs without being distracted from my working obligations.

A day or so later, one morning at breakfast, with two well know Equestrian photographers, I mentioned the disappointment experienced when surrendering my project after the recent equipment failure.

The unexpected scathing reply from one of my colleagues did nothing to help that particular moment.


In fact, in one way or another, it provoked me to ask if I was happy with photography.  The answer was that I could be happier and was curious to understand what the problems were.  It did not take too long to understand these problems and start to build lasting solutions.

Keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming blog post called ‘Responding to a Career Doubt’, where I share with you the challenges faced and changes that were made or adopted.

This process additionally became the foundations of My Photography Workshop.  MPW blog categories and plans are in the forming and we aim to produce a well-balanced and interesting variety of posts detailing the life of a working photographer.

Envisaging posts that chronicle the search for new locations, restaurant and all forms of accommodation throughout the provinces of Tuscany. Articles about the Tuscan people, useful information about the numerous events and activities, covering how and when to travel and what to expect.

As well as everything about photography in Tuscany we will produce material based on our experiences with expert tips on software and equipment and will always happy to help in any way.

We have so many plans it’s time to dig deep and produce content.  On that theme, if you have any questions or requests then do not hesitate to contact us or leave your comments below, you can also sign up to our weekly newsletter and be the first to be informed.


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Phase One Medium format MPW Tuscany Photography Course
Phase One Medium format MPW Tuscany Photography Course
Macro image MPW Photography 
Tour  #onektoscana series.
Macro image MPW Photography Tour #onektoscana series.
My Photography Workshops Tuscany
My Photography Workshops Tuscany


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